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Welcome to Dance Dynamic School

My aim when I started Dance Dynamic was to create an environment where every student felt valued and important. I wanted a school that was incredibly friendly and welcoming to everyone. I am proud to say that we have achieved that, new families and students always comment on what a friendly school we are, "I really enjoyed the class and everyone seems really nice. This is definitely the friendliest dance school I've ever been involved with".  We do not get complacent about that though and it will always be one of my top priorities as the school continues to grow.


Personal achievement and continual improvement are also important to me. At college I was never the best dancer, the most flexible, or the most turned out but what I did have was bags of determination to be the best that I could be, to keep working hard and pushing myself.  I want every single one of my students to feel they are learning, improving and growing as dancers. I push my students and encourage them to believe that with hard work and practice they can achieve their goals. I aim to give them the skills and confidence to try, to know its ok to go wrong and to fail and then to try again until you succeed. These skills are not only important for dance, but for any challenge we may come across in life.

Clare Maloney





Friendly & Welcoming

We believe learning is best done in a supportive and friendly environment. We work hard to make sure our classes are fun, relaxed places to learn and improve. 


Challenging & Rewarding

We strive to challenge every student to become better dancers. We want to give every student the skills necessary to achieve their personal goals. We also believe in celebrating and rewarding that hard work and effort.



We empower our students to be the best that they can be. We want students to be actively involved with the process of their learning and we encourage students to set their own goals as to what they would like to achieve each term.

Technique & Creativity

Teaching correct and safe technique is of the upmost importance here at Dance Dynamic. As well as our focus on correct technique we also aim to develop a greater understanding of rhythm, artistry and performance and we encourage our students to put a little bit of themselves in every dance they do.


Love Dance!

Ultimately we do what we do because we love dance and we want every one of our students to experience and share that love and passion for dance.

Why dance with us?


Attending a class at Dance Dynamic isn’t just about learning to dance, it's also about the environment you are learning in, the skills, the freedom to ask questions and express yourself. It's about the fun and camaraderie we want you to experience in the class. The opportunity to make friends and feel like you are an important part of our family.

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