We are delighted to announce that our classes are returning in person this April!

Dates that classes resume in person from:

Monday 19th April - Children's and Little Bear Feet classes

Monday 17th May - All adult classes

Please contact us for up-to-date information.

So that we can ensure safe social distancing within our classes spaces will be limited. Book your free taster class today to avoid disappointment!

Our aim is to give you the best dance instruction in a friendly and supportive environment. One visit to our school and you will see for yourself the friendships that have been built between teachers, students and parents. Our classes are fun, yet challenging and we are proud of the results we achieve.

Click below for more information on classes for all ages: 



Children from 5 years+



If your not sure what classes would be suitable for you or your child, we would be happy to discuss the different options with you and get you booked into the right class. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

Prices & Term Dates

TODDLERS (from 18 months)

Little Bear Feet Parent & Toddler Classes

Based on the adventures of a delightful teddy bear called Melody Bear, these carefully structured classes are designed to keep your little one active whilst building their confidence and social skills. Each class is an exciting mix of dancing, props, storytelling and much more. Seeing the smile on your child's face and hearing their giggles of delight really makes our day! Our classes also give you an opportunity each week to share some quality time with your little one.


Prices & Term Dates

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PRE-SCHOOL (from 3 - 5 years of age)


Our specialised pre-school programme allows your little dancer to explore the fundamentals of dance technique through props, enchanting stories and adventures, as well as the beautiful music that our classes are known for.

These classes are a great stepping stone from the Little Bear Feet classes, as they are still based on Melody Bear and her adventures whilst introducing children to more formal dance technique.

We offer:

Melody Movement Ballet (from approximately 3 years of age)

Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves Modern (from approximately 3 years of age)

Pre-Primary Ballet (from approximately 4 years of age)

Foundation Tap & Modern (from approximately 4 years of age)

Our toddler and pre-school classes are based on the Melody Movement Early Learning curriculum designed by Jill Bridger. All the classes are both creative and exciting as well as being developmentally appropriate for the age and ability of each child. They are the ideal introduction to the world of dance. 


Prices & Term Dates

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Once children reach 5 years of age they move into our graded classes. These classes are carefully designed to build on from what a child has already learnt, in a safe and developmentally appropriate way. Through carefully planned lessons we are able provide challenging classes whilst maintaining the fun and creativity that the children are used to.

Examinations are offered in ISTD Ballet, Tap and Modern. Dance exams are a wonderful way of monitoring ones progress and offer students something to strive and work towards. However dance exams may not be for everyone and are not compulsory and students who have not taken an exam will still move up to the next grade with their peers.


Classical Ballet is the foundation for all dance. Our classes focus on teaching the correct technique, posture and body alignment, as well as working to develop flexibility, strength, co-ordination, musicality, grace and artistry. 


Tap is an exciting dance style, characterised by the special shoes you wear that have metal plates attached to the balls and heels. Tap is all about its beats, sounds and exciting rhythms! Tap dancing will improve fitness, balance, co-ordination and strength - especially through the core, legs and ankles.


Modern is a high energy dance form; known for its use of high kicks, leaps, turns and travelling steps. Children will develop great strength and flexibility as well as a strong sense of performance. Modern can incorporate different styles, including: lyrical, jazz and contemporary. 

Musical Theatre

A great introduction to dancing, singing and acting all in one fun class. Learn numbers from shows, work on improvisation and start to develop a strong dance technique. Musical Theatre will help with confidence and self-esteem, as well as being the perfect environment for budding performers!


Prices & Term Dates

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The health benefits of attending regular dance classes are well known: improved stamina & fitness, strength, flexibility, posture, co-ordination and balance.

Dance is also wonderful for musicality, poise, confidence and self-expression as well as a person's mental health and overall well-being. Picking up and remembering the exercises and routines is excellent for keeping the brain stimulated. The focus and concentration required is a great way to relieve stress and forget the problems of the day. 

We pride ourselves on offering classes that are challenging, as well as being fun, supportive and encouraging. 

All our adult classes are suitable for both beginners and those who have danced before.


Working on the fundamental technique as well as the grace and fluidity that ballet is known for. Classes incorporate a warm-up, barre and centre exercises, corner work and routines.  


Tap is all about rhythm, sounds and beats - you are the performer and the musician. Mastering the intricate steps and combinations and performing them at speed is what makes tap exciting. Once you've mastered the basic steps, tap is also a great aerobic workout! 


A fun and upbeat class, with an emphasis placed on kicks, turns, leaps  and travelling steps. A wide variety of dance styles are incorporated within our classes, including: musical theatre, lyrical, pop and jazz.  

Ballet Fitness

Ballet Fitness is a mixture of barre, centre and floor exercises based on the principles of ballet movement (however no previous ballet experience is necessary). It is great for toning and strengthening the whole body as well as improving posture and flexibility. Don’t be fooled into thinking that exercises based on ballet will be lovely and gentle – this class is surprisingly tough and you will feel the burn!


Prices & Term Dates

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(fees are payable termly)

30 minute class   £5.00 

45 minute class   £6.00

1 hour class           £7.00


£5 discount for siblings/family

£5 discount for doing 2 classes

£10 discount for doing 3 classes 

£15 discount for doing 4 or more classes

Little Bear Feet classes are £5.50 per class and fees are payable either half termly or termly

We offer a FREE trial class for all of our classes.

Term Dates

Summer Term

Starts: Monday 19th April 2021

Ends: Saturday 17th July 2021

Half Term: Monday 31st May to Sunday 6th June 2021

No classes on Monday 3rd May due to the bank holiday

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