How We Learn (Part 1)

With less than three weeks left until we get on to the stage to perform in our Show, Dance Dynamic classes are a hive of activity. Costumes are been fitted, dances perfected and performance smiles practiced. There is a lot to do and think about, but when it comes to the actual dances the majority of the hard work has already been done over the last few months. A lot of work goes into a 3 minute performance on stage and it is essential for me as the teacher to understand the process of how people learn and how I can best aid them in that learning. What is Motor Learning? ‘A set of processes associated with practice or experience leading to relatively permanent changes in the capability for mo

A summer of fun!

I can’t believe that it’s September and we are about to start back for the Autumn Term! What a great summer it has been though here at Dance Dynamic. We’ve had two brilliantly fun toddler workshops and our Movies & Musicals Summer School, not to mention my Monday evening adult summer classes. Princesses, Superheroes and a Beach Party It seems a long time ago now that I welcomed lots of excited toddlers to the Curzon Centre for our Superheroes & Princesses workshop and Melody Bear’s Beach Party. Each workshop was 2 hours of dancing, games, arts & crafts and dressing up! I think my teaching assistant Charlie and I had just as much fun as the children! I was so proud of all the children for eve

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