Nutrition and Dance

So with just a few days left until our show, thoughts turn to final preparations for the day. One of our top considerations must be how to refuel our body so that we have enough energy to perform. I have asked Alicia Gurner, one of my adult dancers who is also a Registered Associate Nutritionist, for her advice on the best things to eat and drink so that we can perform at our best. While films and newspaper headlines may have us all believe that professional dancers stick rigidly to a daily diet of a few grapes, a lettuce leaf, and endless amounts of black coffee, this is far from reality. Interviews with dietitians for major dance schools have shown that their advice is actually far more li

How We Learn (Part 2) - A Student's View

I hope you all enjoyed my last blog post - How We Learn. Having looked at how students learn new steps and choreography and how I as the teacher can assist them in that learning, I thought it would be interesting to get the view of a student from the school on how they find the process; both the challenges and the rewards. Francesca is one of my adult students and is taking part in our show later this month. Learning anything new as an older adult can be challenging, but learning how to dance can be particularly so. There may be demands on your time from families and/or work, leaving you unable to get to classes as often as you would like; sometimes you might feel a bit under the weather or

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