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Spring Term Round Up

The sun is shining, I've got my windows open and I'm listening to the birds chirping away in the trees. I thought I’d spend a couple of hours doing a bit of admin before enjoying the rest of the long Easter weekend. I love the holidays as it always gives me a chance to catch up on things that don’t tend to get done during term time as well as doing some planning for the months ahead. I also like to reflect on the past term.

The start of 2019 was a very exciting one for me: I had a new teacher starting at the school, a brand new class was launched and I entered some of my students for their tap exams. Personally, it was also very exciting as I got to go engagement ring shopping!


I was delighted to welcome Rosanne Thurtell to the teaching team in January. Miss Rosie took over my Monday afternoon preschool classes whilst I taught the new Acrobatic Dance class. Miss Rosie has settled in brilliantly and it’s great to see how much the children already love her and her classes.


February was all about ‘Sharing the Love’. I shared my love of my team, my students and the wonderful Dance Dynamic parents. Everyone shared their love of dance during our ‘Bring a Friend Week’ and in our preschool and Little Bear Feet classes we celebrated Valentine’s Day by tip toeing over love hearts and blowing and catching kisses.


March arrived a little too early for me: we had a performance at Cherry Garth Care Home and tap exams scheduled! No matter how long I’ve been rehearsing and preparing for exams I always wish I had just one more week! Sometimes though, the looming pressure of a deadline is good as it makes everyone focus that little bit more and work that little bit harder. As always, the hard paid off and both the performance and the exams were a success. I am delighted to say that all students passed their exams with either a Merit or Distinction!


April has seen the end of term and Parent Participation Week – it’s always wonderful to see the children dancing with their parents and it’s a great opportunity for parents to experience the hard work their children put in each week in their classes.

We’ve also had our first ever Easter Workshop this April and it was a HUGE success!! I’m always amazed at what the children achieve during our workshops and this one was no different! They learnt a full dance which they performed for parents, put on a Circus display with spinning plates, juggling and a lion jumping hoop! We even squeezed in arts & crafts and an Acro taster workshop!

The Summer term is looking a little quieter ‘event’ wise, but it will be no less busy as we start preparing for our Show in October! Get ready for show dance learning everyone….!

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